6 Black Copper Marans-B Line Hatching Eggs

6 Black Copper Marans-B Line Hatching Eggs

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We will begin shipping out chicks and hatching eggs March/April weather permitting. 

🐥Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis.

Spectrum Poultry is introducing an additional line of Black Copper Marans. We will call them our B Line. This line focuses more on SOP than dark egg color. They produce egg colors between a 5-7 on the Marans color chart.

🤎This breed has beautiful feathered legs with copper colored feathers on the neck. Their combs, wattles, ear lobes and face should be red. Marans eye color is orange. The shanks and feet should be slate or pink. Soles of the feet are white as is the skin of the bird. The Black Copper plumage must be red with no mahogany or yellow tones. The male should have a black breast with minimal spotting on his chest. These hens have a beautiful amount of copper displayed on their necks and gorgeous feathered shanks. 

This line is a new fun project for us. As you know we love our Greenfire A line Marans and their dark egg colors but we would like to see the birds themselves improve slightly with more SOP qualities. It’s very difficult to have the best of both worlds when it comes to Marans. We are excited to work with these two lines. 

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