Deathlayer Eggs (1 Dozen)

Deathlayer Eggs (1 Dozen)

Spectrum Poultry chicks snd hatching eggs are temporarily unavailable at this time due to the high demand of egg & chick orders. We may offer them again at the end of the summer. We want to focus on getting caught up with our current orders before we take on any more. This does not affect orders placed prior to June 20.
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Deathlayers aka Westfalische Totleger is an ancient German breed of chicken. A translation of its German name Totleger, means "death layer". This stunning breed is said to lay eggs until the day it dies! The history of this breed goes back more than 400 years. Their population has declined drastically over the centuries. With your help we can protect this beautiful rare breed. Greenfire Farms is the original importer who introduced Deathlayers into the United States. Their line is directly from Germany. Deathlayers come in two varieties, Gold and Silver Pencilled. Spectrum Poultry carries the Silver variety.

We have had our Deathlayer line for three years now. We have found that these chicks are more fragile when they are young compared to the other breeds that we carry. They seem to need extra fluids and TLC when they are young. When we mail out Deathlayer chicks, we like to offer a couple extra as long as we have them available. 

*Fertility is checked often and is excellent!

    We do not warranty hatching eggs for hatchability but know that what we send you is the same quality we put in our own incubators!


    How we package shipping eggs

    • Hatching Eggs are shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. 
    • We use foam egg shippers. 
    • NPIP-RI #104 AI Clean


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