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6 Silver Laced Wyandotte Hatching Eggs (1/2 dozen )

6 Silver Laced Wyandotte Hatching Eggs (1/2 dozen )


We will begin filling local chick orders in March. It will be safe for us to start shipping out chicks second week of April. Hatching eggs are sent out March-September.

We usually have a wait list for both eggs and chicks.

Our Silver Laced Wyandottes have beautiful black and white lacing that is eye catching. They produce beautiful eggs that occasionally have a blush or pinky bloom over them. This docile breed has super sweet personalities. The Silver Laced Wyandottes have clean yellow legs which means that they do not have feathered legs.

Our line was directly from Jerry Foley Spring 2000.

Hatching eggs and day old straight run chicks are available in this breed.

We are mainly going to offer day old chicks this season. Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis in between setting our incubators for chick orders. We will post hatching eggs for availability on our Facebook page.

Orders can be placed directly through our website. Payments are required in full at the time of purchase. Once your order is placed, that will reserve your spot in line. Orders are sent out depending upon when payment is received and availability.

We ship out chicks and hatching eggs March-September weather permitting. Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis.

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