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Our Background


Thank you for visiting our site. We take pride in raising quality poultry.


My name is Jackie. My husband Tommy and I are the owners/operators of Spectrum Poultry. We are a small family farm located in Glocester, RI set on 4 acres. We both have full time jobs outside of our farm life. I am a first grade teacher in an inner city school.


Our story began one Spring by surprising our three children with 7 chicks for Easter. We instantly fell in love with our chickens. They brought so much life to our backyard. Then we wanted to add different colored egg layers to our little flock. Our backyard hobby quickly turned into a passion of hatching and raising chickens that produce a beautiful spectrum of colors, hence the name Spectrum Poultry.


We provide seasonal fertile hatching eggs and day old straight run chicks. Our farm is NPIP certified. We ship chicks and hatching eggs across the US!

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