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Ameraucana Chicks

Ameraucana Chicks


Preorder sales are now open for Spring 2024 chicks. Once an order is placed through our website, that will reserve your spot in line. Orders are sent out depending upon when payment is received and availability.

Spectrum Poultry carries beautiful purebred Ameraucanas. This breed hatches out in blue, black and splash. They produce gorgeous blue colored eggs. I’ve been working on improving their egg color for 5 years now. It’s been a fun project.

Ameraucanas have muffs and a beard. They are very hardy birds that have a sweet temperment. This breed should not be confused with Easter Eggers.

*Chicks are sold as straight run.

*Fertility is checked often and is excellent!

We will begin filling local chick orders in March. It will be safe for us to start shipping out chicks beginning of April weather permitting. We usually have a wait list for chicks.

We are no longer offering hatching eggs on a regular basis. We will only post hatching eggs for sale if we have extras available.

I’ll post them on our Facebook Page and Instagram, so make sure you are following along with us. Once I post them, they will go quickly!

~3 chick minimum for pick up orders. You can mix and match the different breeds we carry.

~8 chick minimum for shipping orders.

~Shipping cost is a flat $75.00.

Chicks are sent along on their journey with a nest pad in their box to keep the babies from sliding around during transit. A heat pack is included to help keep them warm. Gro Gel is provided to give our chicks immediate nutrition and hydration.

Neon stickers are added on the boxes to remind USPS that they are delivering precious little ones to their néw destinations.

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    • We do not warranty hatching eggs for hatchability but know that what we send you is the same quality that we put in our own incubators!
    • We do warranty chicks for 48 hours after they arrive in your care. Should you have a loss, please contact us within that window.

    • 8 chicks minimum to ship. Yes, you can combine different breeds! We ship chicks Priority Mail Express 1-2 day delivery in a new box with everything they need.
    • Hatching Eggs are shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. 
    • NPIP-RI #104 AI Clean
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