Croad Langshan Eggs (1 Dozen)

Croad Langshan Eggs (1 Dozen)

Orders can be placed directly through our website. Don’t hesitate to place your order. We typically have a 2 month wait list. Once your order is placed, that will reserve your spot in line. Orders are sent out depending upon when payment is received. If we happen to have your order available sooner, we will definitely let you know. Feel free to inquire about availability and where your place in line will be before placing your order.

Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis.

Who wants to add these gorgeous rare colors to their egg basket? Here at Spectrum Poultry we carry blue and black Croad Langshans. Our chicks hatch out in blue, black and occasionally splash. These Croad Langshans have been raised to the UK Standard. Our Croad Langshan bloodline is directly from Judy Gaines in Ohio.

Our hens produce large light brown eggs that occasionally have a beautiful pink, lavender or plum bloom over them. Sometimes they even have plum speckles over them. These eggs hold their unique color but the bloom often fades over the course of a couple days. We will mark the eggs with a heart that have a bloom. Not all eggs produced by this breed will have a bloom over them. We collect the most brilliant blooms in the spring/early summer months. We notice less blooms appearing as the season goes on. We still collect eggs with blooms over them throughout the year but not as often. We will include as many eggs as we can that have a bloom when sending out hatching egg orders. 
Depending upon availability a couple days prior to shipping out the order.

Croad Langshans are very rare hardy birds with amazing temperments. Our roosters are gentle giants and our hens are as sweet as can be. Croad Langhans can withstand harsh cold and hot temperatures. The hens lay 140-150 eggs per year. 

Fertility is checked often and is excellent here at home. 

Chicks are sold as straight run. 

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    We do not warranty hatching eggs for hatchability


    How we package shipping eggs

    • Hatching Eggs are shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. 
    • We use foam egg shippers. 
    • NPIP-RI #104 AI Clean