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Homesteaders Box of 8 Chicks

Homesteaders Box of 8 Chicks


Our “Homesteaders Box” of 8 Chicks will include both Olive Eggers and Black Copper Marans.

For $140 (shipping included) or $65 picked up, we will provide you with 8 beautiful straight run chicks that will produce a fun variety of brown and green eggs. Many of these eggs will also have beautiful speckles over them.

We are starting to offer this “Homesteaders Box” this season because the past couple years we have had so many customers looking for beautiful birds at a lower cost that will still produce fun and colorful eggs.

This box is made up of 8 chicks hatched from A variety of Olive Egger eggs and Marans that are lighter in color from our typical breeding program selection. This box will be great for the homesteader that would like to ensure they have good food security and are really not particular about the color eggs their birds produce.

All of these chicks are offspring from our main breeding pens. These birds can be integrated and will get along well with other barnyard birds.

The Black Copper Marans that will be included in this package will most likely lay lighter chocolate brown eggs, as seen in the photos above. However, it is possible that they will have the potential of laying darker shades of chocolate but they are hatched from lighter colored Marans eggs. Either way, they are still going to grow up to be beautiful sweet birds that will produce nice colorful eggs.

The roosters and hens can both serve as dual purpose birds. These birds will adapt well in both hot and cold climates.

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