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Olive Egger Chicks

Olive Egger Chicks


We will begin filling local chick orders in March. It will be safe for us to start shipping out chicks second week of April. Hatching eggs are sent out March-September.

We usually have a wait list for both eggs and chicks.

We have an 8 chick minimum for shipping orders. 2 chick minimum for pick up orders. You can mix and match the different breeds we carry.

Would you like to add a fun variety of unique colored eggs to your egg basket? Order your Olive Egger chicks today. Our Olive Eggers consist of a Marans rooster on blue, black and splash Olive Egger hens. Our hens produce a variety of green colored eggs. Not all Olive Egger hens will produce green eggs. Because they are a hybrid breed, some hens will produce green eggs and others will p