Olive Egger Eggs (1 Dozen)

We have a wait list for both chicks and eggs. Please check with us for availability or where your place in line will be before placing your order.

Who loves a variety of green egg??? We have a Marans rooster with BBS Olive Egger hens. Our Olive Egger chicks hatch out in blue, black and slash. 
We originally started this breed with a Marans rooster and Ameraucana hens. Years later, we now are able to produce a variety of gorgeous dark green eggs.

*Fertility is checked often and is excellent!

    We do not warranty hatching eggs for hatchability


    How we package our shipping eggs

    • Hatching Eggs are shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. 
    • We use foam egg shippers. 
    • NPIP-RI #104 AI Clean

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